Year-End Giving to Interfaith Partnership


Dear Interfaith Partnership Friends,

During the final weeks of 2013, we look back over the year and celebrate the many ways in which the regional cause of interfaith awareness and action continues. This year, we sponsored or co-sponsored:

  • monthly dialogue groups, the Hindu Temple tour, and meditation at The Living Insights Center;
  • an interfaith gathering in response to the April Boston Marathon bombing;
  • religious diversity awareness programs at The Federal Reserve Bank and Brown Shoe Company;
  • a visit to Louisville to explore the Compassionate Cities initiative underway in that community;
  • • a Religions of the World tent at the August Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park;
  • the third annual September 11 Interfaith Commemoration in Music at the Sheldon;
  • an inspiring and overflowing 2013 Annual Interfaith Partnership Dinner on November 6;
  • the 2nd annual interfaith Thanksgiving event at Grbic Restaurant in south city on November 26.

There’s more to do together. Please consider a year-end gift to help keep wind in the sails of Interfaith Partnership! There are a variety of ways you can participate before December 31:

1. You can send a check or donate via our website. Click here to donate via PayPal.

2. You can take full advantage of IRA Charitable Rollover provisions.

People age 70½ or older may make direct tax-free gifts from one or more Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) to a qualified charity like Interfaith Partnership tax free. The gift can qualify toward the required minimum distribution, and the cumulative amount of distributions to charity from your IRAs in 2013 cannot exceed $100,000. Done in this way, the distribution is not considered by the IRS as income to you, and you pay no income tax on it. At the same time, you cannot claim a charitable deduction since it is not reportable income for you. Current IRA charitable rollover legislation expires December 31, 2013. To enjoy these tax benefits, you must complete the transfer before Dec. 31. The amount must be transferred directly in the name of Interfaith Partnership. If you choose to make such a gift, please notify us.

3. You can contribute appreciated stock.

A tax-wise way to support Interfaith Partnership is yours by making a gift of appreciated securities owned more than one year. You avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of stock and you can claim a charitable deduction on your income taxes for the full market value as determined for the date of your gift. You can easily arrange a wire transfer. The account # for Interfaith Partnership is: 22391258 and the wiring instructions for wiring money into this account at Wells Fargo is:

Wells Fargo Bank, 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

ABA # 1210000248, Beneficiary: First Clearing, LLC, a/c # 4122023377

further Credit: Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis – a/c # 22391258

Remember, the date of the gift is when the ownership of the securities are fully in the control of Interfaith Partnership; please ensure that your gift is completed no later than December 31, 2013.

We are very hopeful about the health and direction of Interfaith Partnership into 2014! Please help to ensure the continuing work we share through your support of Interfaith Partnership. Thank you.

With Warm Appreciation from

Imam Muhamed Hasic, Board President
Rev. Dr. David Mehl, Director of Planning & Development




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