Statement after Charlottesville

With deep sorrow in our hearts, the Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, comprised of the leaders of twenty-eight religious communities, expresses prayers of condolence and solidarity to the family members and people of Charlottesville, Virginia, directly affected by the recent horrific events that resulted in loss of life and significant physical injury.

We are deeply grieved by the violent conflict that has occurred. We are outraged at the demonstration of racial and religious hatred expressed by white nationalist, Neo-Nazi, and Ku Klux Klan groups. As people of faith and citizens of this great nation, we condemn this act of domestic terrorism, bigotry, racism and senseless violence. We stand firm in our conviction that hate-filled rhetoric and actions have no place in our society and must be met with the best of our moral and ethical ideals and values.

As leaders of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, we remain committed to our work for the common good. We will continue to pursue partnerships with people of good will in order to bring to greater light the best of the human spirit. We pray for racial equality and broad acceptance of religious pluralism. We call on all members of our St. Louis religious communities and our elected officials to join us in rejecting hatred as violating the very principles of each of our religions.

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis is a collaborative organization open to people of all religions in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our mission statement is: Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis deepens understanding, respect and appreciation among all persons across lines of religious difference. Our motto is: As communities of faith, we agree to differ, promise to love and unite to serve.

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  • These are the words we all hold in our hearts and hope only for peace with all people, well said and written. Thank you

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