Response to the Unfolding Devastation Brought by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harve

A Statement from The Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, we, the Cabinet members of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, express our prayers of hope and solidarity for the people of Texas, especially those most directly impacted.  We recognized the enormity of danger, pain and loss this natural disaster has brought to many in their homes, neighborhoods and the wider region.

At the same time, we wish to affirm and lift up the countless examples of generosity, care and support being shown to the victims and their loved ones.  We remain grateful to the first responders who continue to labor tirelessly and with great resolve.  And as we continue to pray, we include in our intentions the countless number individuals who are bringing needed aid and respite to those in need.

And as we pray for one another in hope and solidary, we ask people of faith and goodwill to remain attentive to the demands of charity by joining local efforts that seek to bring physical and spiritual comfort and resources to our brothers and sisters in need.  We urge people of faith to support the long-term efforts with both prayers and dollars.  And may the growing acts of compassion and mercy continue to multiply.

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