COVID-19 Resources for Religious Communities

The Aspen Institute put out this helpful packet of resources for maintaining connections within religious communities during the ongoing pandemic. It includes advice for programming, online resources for interfaith education, and lists of online communities that have developed in response to the pandemic.

Religions for Peace, a global interfaith organization, has compiled dozens of fantastic resources for religious communities during the pandemic. To explore their archive, visit this link and filter the results by “COVID-19.” Resources include religion-specific tools (including Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Baha’i), as well as general public health guidelines and advice for interfaith communities.

Finally, Interfaith Partnership’s Cabinet has put forth two statements on the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the most recent one, on safely gathering for the holidays, at this link. Read the Cabinet’s May 2020 statement, on re-opening after the first shutdown, here.

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