Sprouts of Peace

Children looking at the Torah
Sprouts of Peace participants view the Torah while visiting Congregation B’nai Amoona .

Sprouts of Peace is geared for children,  Pre-K—5th grade, and their parents who are interested in building interfaith friendships and learning about how their religious tradition is similar to and different from those of the friends they will make.

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The Sprouts of Peace Home Library Program is designed to foster conversations around shared religious values of compassion and generosity and build empathy and understanding among young children.

Sprouts of Peace Program Goals

  • To build connections across perceived lines
  • To discover and experience differences and similarities among the practices, traditions, and cultures of our religious and cultural traditions
  • To appreciate the commonalities and disparities between us as a community

What We’re Planting

Sprouts of Peace brings children from different religious communities together for learning, sharing, and community building. Events include activities for both children, teen group leaders, and caregivers.  During these sessions, we focus on common themes of spirituality and compassion. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sprouts of Peace programming is virtual.

Sprouts of Peace cohorts consist of a group of three, different religious congregations or cultural organizations. If your religious community is interested in exploring the opportunities, please contact Interfaith Partnership.

For the Children

We believe no age is too early to begin building friendships and understanding with others across lines of religious, linguistic, and cultural lines of difference. It is our hope, and prayer, that our children engaged in this program will develop relationships with their peers and continue to grow together.  We, also, we believe that our children connect more deeply to their own faith when they learn about other religions.

For the Adults
Our program also provides an opportunity for parents or caregivers to participate in learning and sharing, as well. Along with opportunities to learn more about the faith-based communities involved, adults also have the opportunity for discussion about important issues facing them as caregivers and as neighbors in a diverse world.

Inspired by their own peace-making summer program, Peace United Church of Christ desired to expand their efforts.  They contacted Interfaith Partnership and brought together a small, tri-faith leadership group.  In July of 2015, representatives from the Interfaith Partnership, the Islamic Foundation of St. Louis, Peace United Church of Christ, Webster Groves, and United Hebrew Congregation began the “germination” process.  “Sprouts of Peace” grew out of this venture with definition and goals.   The very first event was held in January of 2016.


Erin Fisher, Director of Community Engagement

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