Introducing Membership Benefits

Beginning in 2018, our membership program has an added perk: benefits with area businesses! The first perk is an ongoing members-only 15% discount at Plowsharing Crafts*, which is the launch of our Business Affiliate Program. All current and future members will now receive paper membership cards in order to gain access to this and any future perks. Learn more about membership perks here.

Business owners, we invite you to consider joining as our newest Business Affiliate! We’d be thrilled to have your support which means: your business joins as an organizational member of IP; you offer a discount or perk to other paid members of IP; and we promote your business anywhere we promote our membership program. Learn more about the Business Affiliate Program here.

If you are a current paid member, you will automatically receive this perk, and any perks added later. Those who have unexpired paid memberships will receive cards in the mail; all future signups will receive cards upon registration for membership.

*Discount available at both locations. Not to be combined with any other discount or used on Lydia’s House pins.

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