Interfaith Power and Light: A Response to Global Warming

Yesterday, people around the globe celebrated World Environment Day, and this year’s focus is on building a green economy. But preserving the beauty of our earth is not a one-day affair. Bodies of faith are involved in environmental issues that range from catastrophic disaster preparedness/relief programs to the daily efforts we make to maximize our stewardship of natural resources.

This special day was brought to my attention by Interfaith Power & Light, a nonprofit organization seeking to help congregation be better stewards of the earth year round. Your congregation may be interested in learning about the many ways you as a faith body can make a difference in the environment: by building community gardens, pledging a carbon covenant, and more.

Interfaith Partnership brings you this article for informational purposes only and its inclusion is not meant to imply sponsorship by IP or a shared belief in all the views expressed therein.

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