Interfaith Partnership Turns 30 in 2015!


Thank you enormously to all our wonderful 30th Anniversary supporters as we continue with our $10,000 drive through till May 22, the actual anniversary of incorporation. If you haven’t had the opportunity to be included in this membership and contribution effort – it’s not too late!

Greetings Interfaith Partnership Members and Friends,

Thirty years ago this spring, then Missouri Secretary of State Roy Blunt signed an incorporation document to what was called at the time “Interfaith Partnership of Metropolitan St. Louis.” There were five signing directors. The stated purpose of those visionaries, among other phrases, was “to bring together people of religious faith and conviction in the common goal of increasing resources available to address the needs of the poor.” The period of duration of the corporation was noted as “perpetual.”

Love that word, perpetual! Those earnest founders understood that there would always be social ills to address. The needs would be ongoing. As one of the nation’s oldest interfaith organizations, much has been accomplished locally to advance interreligious understanding, engagement and service. And, yes, there’s still much to be done – to work tirelessly to combat the impoverishment of religious intolerance and hatred through ever-expanding educational, social, celebratory and service events. Recent upticks in violence at home and abroad should cause us to redouble our leadership efforts to turn public perceptions of diversity from threat to promise. Interfaith Partnership is in a time of resurgence. We currently boast 30 different faith groups represented and a host of partnering organizations. The time for expanded energies is now!

Maybe you’ve been involved in the work of Interfaith Partnership for many years. Or maybe you’ve just come aboard recently – attended an educational event or an Annual Dinner at the behest of a dear friend or found us online, and something about this perpetual effort strikes a resonant chord. No matter where you are on the spectrum of Interfaith Partnership participation, you are vital to building an engaged and informed St. Louis.

By May 22, the anniversary of our incorporation, we hope to raise $10,000 in contributions, and/or new, upgraded or renewed membership dues to strengthen IP’s ability to act effectively. With each dove (see below), we’re closer to our goal. Ambitious? Yes. We can do this together. Perpetual? That’s why we’re still here – for the next thirty!

How to participate in 30th Anniversary Giving

  • To become a member or renew your membership, fill out this membership form and then pay either through PayPal or by mailing a check to IP at 483 E. Lockwood Ave, Suite 107, St. Louis, MO 63119
  • To give an anniversary gift, pay either through PayPal or by mailing a check to IP at 483 E. Lockwood Ave, Suite 107, St. Louis, MO 63119

Our Faithful Friends – Contributors Toward our 30th Anniversary Goal

These givers have contributed gifts or membership dues toward the 30th Anniversary Goal of $10,000. This list includes households, individuals, congregations, corporations, businesses, entire faith groups, etc. We are enormously grateful for the support of all.

dove   Rev. Dr. Warren Crews and Mrs. Mary Jane Crews $35

dove   Rev. C. Jessel Strong $35

dove   Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Mary Wuller $35

dove   Rabbi Neal and Mrs. Carol Rose $50

dove   Anonymous $250

dove   Sister Carla Mae Streeter, OP

dove   Mrs. Stefany and Mr. Fred Brot

dove   Rabbi Neal and Mrs. Carol Rose $50

dove   Rev. Jack A. Batten

dove   Ms. Asma and Mr. Hashim Raza $35

dove   Vedanta Society of St. Louis $200

dove   Ms. Joy Sterneck $35

dove   Ms. Beth Rossow

dove   Ms. Linda Brown $50

dove   Rev. Leslie Limbaugh

dove   Ms. Kristin Pendleton

dove  Ms. Victoria Hampton

dove  Mr. Joe and Mrs. Yvonne Logan

dove  Mr. James and Mrs. Susan Stepleton $35

dove  Mr. Ghulam and Mrs. Attia Malik $135

dove  Dr. Syed and Mrs. Maliha Abdul-Aziz

dove  Dr. G. Naidu $100

dove Ms. Alice Conway $35

dove Ms. Gail Saxton

dove Dr. Behrad and Dr. Shohreh Majidi

dove Shia Islamic Education Center $100

dove Mr. Ron and Mrs. Gwen Moitzfield $35

dove Ms. Kay Schechter

dove Rev. Roy Moore, Jr.

dove Msgr. Nicholas Schneider

dove Mr. Naseer and Mrs. Tanvir Ahmad

dove Mr. William Biedenstein $100

dove Diversity Awareness Partnership $100

dove Salvation Army $100

dove Dr. Bahar Bastani

dove Mr. Stan and Mrs. Jean Margul $100

dove Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Carl Lyss

dove Ms. Helen Davis

dove Ms. Judy Highfill

dove Mr. Merrill and Mrs. Elaine Boudreaux $100

dove Mr. Leonard Frankel $100

dove  Emmanuel Episcopal Church $500

dove  Mr. Stephen Skrainka

dove  Ms. Maryl Walters, C.S.B. $400

dove  Ms. Cynthia Holmes

dove  Community Action Agency of St. Louis County $100

dove  Mr. Paul and Mrs. Patricia Hintze

dove  Dr. Sultan and Dr. Ghazala Hayat

dove  Ms. Cynthia Payant

dove  Church Women United of Metro St. Louis

dove  Congregation Shaare Emeth

dove  Dr. David and Mrs. Marie Oughton

dove  Ms. Carolyn Lange

dove  Congregation B’nai Amoona

dove  Archdiocese of St. Louis

dove  Congregation Temple Israel

dove  Trinity Presbyterian Church

dove  Community Christian Church

dove  St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church $250

dove  Ms. Natalie G. Kauffman

dove  St. Louis Association United Church of Christ $500

dove  United Hebrew Congregation $500

dove  Mr. James and Ms. Terry Coleman

dove  Mr. Jack and Ms. Annette Heller

dove  Dr. Billie and Mr. Marvin Mayo

dove  Rev. Tom Ressler

dove  Mercy Hospital St. Louis

dove  Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Nancy Robinson

dove  Webster Groves Presbyterian Church

dove  Rev. David Denoon

dove  Mr. JB and Mrs. Patti Cohn

dove  Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Ellen White

dove  Mr. William and Mrs. Ann Miller

dove  Dr. Karen Tye

dove  Mr. Martin and Mrs. Margaret Israel


We update this list weekly. If you have sent a gift and don’t see your name, please contact us in the office at 314-918-2541.

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