Fighting Islamophobia by Cultivating a New Narrative

This morning on the website State of Belief, I learned about an initiative called “Muslim Heroes: Muslims Making a Difference,” which hosts a website that highlights profiles of high-performing Muslims around the world to fight the misperception espoused by the world’s growing Islamophobia.

Their describe their initiative this way: The actions of extremists abroad cannot reflect on those Muslim-Americans and Muslims living in Europe and America who loyally serve their country and communities in the military, federal and state governments, and are hard-working employees in every field–be it a school teacher, university student making change at his or her university, or a Muslim doctor running a free health clinic.Included in the list of Muslims will also be internationally renowned Muslims who have made a positive impact in their respective communities in which they live. One does not have to be extremely well-known or even hold a high position to be considered a hero, thus Muslim Heroes encourages nominations to include heroes from all walks of life and are not necessarily well known, yet make positive impacts in their communities.

This initiative is spreading the word about everyday Muslim people via their website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

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