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Make a one-time or recurring contribution toward interfaith relations.

Faith and ethical communities have the power to assemble people unlike other institutions and organizations. IPSTL is able to harness that power by building relationships and trust among different houses of worship, helping people realize they have more in common than not, and then using the combined energy of these assemblies to make a powerful impact. That’s what we do at IPSTL—bridge divisions, find unity across difference, and in so doing, work towards building a community where we can all flourish together as neighbors.

Our work is more important than ever. We only have to look at the news to know how deeply fractured we are. And we know that the only way we can overcome violence is to form real relationships across differences. Regardless of how we name the Divine, we can come to a better understanding of one another, learn to recognize one another as neighbors, and even love one another. This is an audacious goal, but it is the goal of IPSTL.

Thank you for considering making a donation.

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