Jewish Perspectives on COVID-19

Rabbinical and Cantorial Association of St. Louis

Rabbinical and Cantorial Association of St. Louis Statement on Covid19, Vaccinations and Community:

"Jewish tradition teaches “Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh,” meaning that we are all responsible for each other (B.Talmud Shevuot 39a).  Our collective experience for the past year has taught us just how important this lesson is.

As all of our synagogues and Jewish community institutions begin to navigate the dual boundaries of continuing to protect our shared public health and welfare while beginning to safely re-open and return to a new normalcy, we the undersigned agree on the following basic principles:

  1. We affirm and support each other.  While we may make different decisions, we recognize that we do so with mutual respect and dignity, and we discourage members of our communities from criticizing each other for the well-intentioned institutional choices we are making.
  2. We encourage all those who are eligible to seek and receive a Covid vaccination as soon as possible. We affirm the safety and efficacy of vaccinations for all and encourage the equitable distribution of vaccines as rapidly as possible.
  3. We encourage everyone to continue to behave responsibly and respectfully, by wearing masks in public, maintaining safe distances from others when appropriate, and following all public health guidelines as dictated by the CDC and other medical and public health authorities."
Photograph of an older woman smiling directly at the camera. Above, the text reads "I got it" over a red border. Below, the text reads, "The COVID-19 vaccine is how I got back to my synagogue. Now is the time to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and decide what's right for you and why. We all have different reasons. The good news is that it's safe, it's effective and it's free. Find out more about the vaccine and where to get it at or by calling 1-877-435-8411. Courtesy of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis.
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