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Gather safely. Worship safely.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your community from COVID-19. It's free, it's tested, and it works. Join the over 2 million Missourians who have gotten theirs. Sign up for yours today at

Most of us have lost someone--a friend, a fellow parishioner, a loved one, a coworker--to COVID-19. Getting vaccinated is the way to end this virus, and to protect the people we love. It means we can hug our friends and family again without fearing for their safety. It means getting back to normal.

We understand that your religious identity and beliefs might present unique concerns as you debate getting vaccinated. We're here to help you make the decision with the most accurate information possible. Explore the categories below to learn about how your religious community has approached the vaccine. The choice is yours to get vaccinated or not, but we hope we can demystify the process and show you how vaccination can help not only you but your community stay healthy. So, let's get to work.

I want to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine from a...

One fantastic local resource for learning more about the COVID-19 vaccine and whether it's right for you is Saint Louis University's virtual webinars on vaccination, several of which are in Spanish. To view these free panels with doctors and other medical professionals debunking vaccine myths, assessing risks, and explaining the vaccines, click on this link.

Photograph of a woman cooking at her kitchen stove, smiling. Above, the text reads "I got it" over a red border. Below, the text reads, "The COVID-19 vaccine is how we got back together. Now is the time to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and decide what's right for you and why. We all have different reasons. The good news is that it's safe, it's effective and it's free. FInd out more about the vaccine and where to get it at or by calling 1-877-435-8411. Courtesy of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis

Interfaith Partnership is proud to be partnering with the Missouri Foundation for Health to help religious organizations encourage vaccination within their communities. If you'd like to take advantage of our resources--including digital and printed materials on vaccination--we'd love to work with you. Email our Executive Director, Jim Poinsett, in order to find out how we can join together to beat COVID-19.

Press Release: Area Faith Leaders Tout Vaccination

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