Donor Gift: 2021 Interfaith Wall Calendar

A photograph of the printed calendar cover

As a special thanks to everyone who supported Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis this year, the organization is gifting all 2020 donors with a 2021 interfaith wall calendar. The calendar, “Celebrating in St. Louis,” will include photographs of beautiful details from houses of worship throughout the region alongside dates of major religious holidays, so that we can all follow along and learn more about the observances of our religiously diverse neighbors. Learning more about each other’s holidays is a simple but powerful way to build bridges, strengthen our connections to one another, and work toward a more inclusive St. Louis region where we all feel safe and supported in practicing our beliefs.

If you haven’t yet donated, there’s still time to do so! Donate at to receive a copy of “Celebrating in St. Louis.” All those who already donated in 2020 will automatically receive a calendar, but if you’d like to receive multiple copies, or if you forget whether or not you’ve given yet for the year, contact our administrator, Gwyneth Henke, at, and she’ll happily answer any of your questions.

Calendars will be mailed in mid-December.

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