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Faith in the Fight: Organizing Interfaith and Secular Coalitions for Racial Equity and Justice


Interfaith Partnership is partnering with Washington University in St. Louis's Office for Religious, Spiritual & Ethical Life to host a webinar engaging opportunities and challenges associated with interfaith organizing and anti-racism strategies on university campuses, in local communities, and the world. We welcome four panelists: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is the author of Green Deen: What Islam […]

Interpersonal Relations Across Political Divides: People of Faith Building Bridges from Polarization to Reconciliation

People of faith in the U.S. today are as politically polarized as other Americans, prompting painful breakdowns in personal relationships and communities. What would it take to accept responsibility for actively healing these political and religious divisions, activating solutions rather than continuing assaults? Join Senator John C. Danforth¬†and Father Matt Malone, two priests from different […]

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