Cabinet Statement in response to Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold President Trump’s Travel Ban

Photo credit Kristi Foster

Representing 30 St. Louis faith communities, the Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership strongly condemns the Supreme Court’s decision to restrict immigrants and visitors from six majority Muslim nations from entering the United States.

This narrow 5-4 decision, overturning three lower-court rulings, is an affront to everything that our faith traditions cherish –

that, as human beings, we are all divinely created;

that our sacred texts call upon us to be compassionate and just to one another;

that our religious pathways are united in the centrality of care for the stranger and all who are vulnerable and at risk.

We believe that there are not “others” in creation’s design.  We are one humanity.

We believe this Supreme Court decision represents a dark moment in our nation’s history. We cry out against its deeply troubling racist and Islamophobic implications – an anathema to our nation’s highest ideals that protect the freedoms and liberties of all people.

We call upon Congress – both Democrats and Republicans in a bipartisan spirit – to work together towards national security policies that are strong and compassionate, to confront and to prudently move to constrain the president’s power to act unilaterally on far-reaching immigration policy in our current climate. The fundamental checks and balances of a healthy Democracy are at stake.

We call upon people of faith and goodwill across America to speak and act clearly and forcefully together, striving for a world grounded in love and justice.

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  • I largely agree and appreciate the principles expressed, but think the condemnation is better aimed at the Trump immigration ban or what the opinion allowed to continue rather than at the decision itself.

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