Cabinet statement in response to George Floyd’s murder, nationwide protests

A Statement from the Interfaith Partnership Cabinet in response to George Floyd’s murder and nationwide protests

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The Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis and the 34 religious communities we represent is outraged by the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota and the callous disregard for Black life it demonstrates. We pray and hope for comfort for Mr. Floyd’s family and friends, and join our voices with those protesting as they call for a full inquiry resulting in rightful accountability and veritable justice. 

George Floyd’s murder is gut wrenching and deeply disturbing, the latest instance of a violent pattern of public brutality against Black Americans. His death is evidence of the racism, nativism, and bigotry which is all too pervasive in our country. It invokes a larger system of injustice, one involving continued police brutality, the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the Black community, vast social and economic disparities, and the silence of many faith leaders.

The Interfaith Partnership stands with all those speaking out now for racial justice, both across the country and locally. We call on houses of worship to be beacons for social change. As people of faith, we must address the insidious forms of racism in our own communities, acknowledge the intergenerational trauma experienced by the Black community, and respond with courage and conviction in the face of repeated injustice.

As a city, the protests we have witnessed nationwide since George Floyd’s murder invoke those in Ferguson following Michael Brown’s murder in 2014. Remembering those days and their lessons, the Interfaith Partnership urges St. Louis City and St. Louis County leaders to heed the “Forward Through Ferguson” report, working to ensure that law enforcement agencies respect the worth of each person, holding them accountable when they fail to do so, and addressing the systemic inequities that continue to harm the Black community daily.

Human life is sacred. As a community of faith and conscience, and as the human family, we are called to recognize, respect, and stand up for the dignity of every person, especially those who are marginalized.

The Interfaith Partnership Cabinet, founded and staffed by the Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, represents 34 religious communities of faith and conscience within the St. Louis area. It is led by Chair Rev. Dr. David Greenhaw and Vice-Chair Maharat Rori Picker-Neiss.

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