Cabinet Issues Statement Opposing “Right to Work”


From: Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis

The Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis is opposed to all proposed “Right to Work/Freedom to Work” legislation or call for referendum being considered by the Missouri Legislature.

Working for economic justice is an integral element of our faith traditions. The right of freely founding unions for working people and the right of those working people to bargain collectively are essential for economic justice. So-called “Right to Work/Freedom to Work” laws proposed under the guise of freedom to the individual worker actually weaken their ability to equally bargain for fair compensation in the workplace, and are obviously and admittedly anti-union in their intent and render impossible or at least weaken the process of collective bargaining between management and labor.

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson,
Archdiocese of St. Louis
Chair of the Cabinet

Rev. C. Jessel Strong,
The African Methodist Episcopal Church
Vice-Chair of the Cabinet


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