Interfaith Academy

Welcome to IPSTL’s Interfaith Academy! Rooted in Interfaith Partnership’s tradition of appreciation, curiosity, and friendship across lines of religious difference, Interfaith Academy offers substantive and inspiring learning experiences in collaboration with area religious leaders and scholars.

Recent Programs

A Pilgrimage in India

SUMMER 2023 / Earlier this year the President of our Board, Jack Sisk, went on a pilgrimage to sacred Hindu sites in southern India.  This program presents some basics of Hinduism for those new to it, many photos and descriptions of some of the most sacred temples in India, photos and perceptions about life in India, and why westerners can feel comfortable traveling there.  An immersion in visuals and food for thought.


Views of God

Three panelists, representing Roman Catholicism, Reform Judaism, and a Hindu Vedanta Society, present their views on God.

Past Programs


This six-part course explored different expressions of Christianity, including Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Reformed Protestantism, Episcopalian, Historically Black Protestantism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Christian Science.


This eight-week course included interviews with guests in each of the major non-Christian religions, including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Ethical Humanism, and the Baha’i Faith.


This ten-week course explored different practices-such as blessing a child, dying well, and asking for help-from the perspective of differing religious communities.


This 15-week course taught by Dr. David Oughton explored the history, beliefs, and practices of the world's religions.

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