Mission, Vision, Values

When people of faith from different backgrounds and traditions get to know one another, their community is stronger, experiences less prejudice and bigotry, and is more resilient. Interfaith Partnership seeks to combat bias, prejudice, and hate within the St. Louis community by convening people across religious divides to build powerful and trusted relationships.

Through interfaith understanding, engagement, and advocacy, we work to bridge divisions, find unity among differences, and build a more inclusive St. Louis where all can feel safe and supported practicing their beliefs.


Interlocking Bodies of Leadership

We are governed by a Board of Directors who serve as our legal and fiduciary authority. The Board of Directors consists of an Executive Committee, Standing Committee Chairs, a representative of the Cabinet, and up to 18 At-Large members. In nominating and democratically electing our Board of Directors, we strive to assure religious and/or cultural diversity. Who’s on the Board of Directors?

The Cabinet provides a public voice for Interfaith Partnership on matters of religious, moral and ethical conscience. Membership of the Cabinet includes the highest ranking leader of a religious group, a person appointed by that group, or their representative. Who’s on the Cabinet?




Meet IPSTL staff and board.



Explore our unique programming opportunities that help build understanding and appreciation of our region's religious diversity.


Explore a wealth of resources to deepen understanding of religious diversity and discover new opportunities to build community across religious differences.

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