Mission, Vision, Values

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis is a collaborative organization open to people of all religions in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Our Mission Statement is: Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis deepens understanding, respect and appreciation among all persons across lines of religious difference.

Our Motto is: As communities of faith, we agree to differ, promise to love, and unite to serve.

We strive to be a leading, trusted source of all things interfaith in the St. Louis area. Not only do we create our own programs, but we also support, resource and promote St. Louis’ interfaith events and programs that move us toward greater understanding and peace. Check out the Events Calendar to see programs and events happening around town.

Interlocking Bodies of Leadership

We are governed by a Board of Directors who serve as our legal and fiduciary authority. The Board of Directors consists of an Executive Committee, Standing Committee Chairs, a representative of the Cabinet, and up to 18 At-Large members. In nominating and democratically electing our Board of Directors, we strive to assure religious and/or cultural diversity. Who’s on the Board of Directors?

The Cabinet provides a public voice for Interfaith Partnership on matters of religious, moral and ethical conscience. Membership of the Cabinet includes the highest ranking leader of a faith group, a person appointed by that faith group, or his or her representative. Who’s on the Cabinet?


We have a small staff! Who’s on the staff?

Our Members

We would be nothing without our members! Members are the people of faith (lay and clergy) who join us as a show of support to our strong interfaith community, and to gain access to our dialogue groups, programs, and relationships with those of other faiths. Learn more about membership here!


Faith and ethical communities have the power to assemble people unlike other institutions and organizations. We bridge divisions, find unity across difference, and in so doing, work towards building a community where we can all flourish together as neighbors.

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