A Statement from the Interfaith Partnership Cabinet Regarding the Sufi Masjid Attack in Egypt

Photo credit Kristi Foster

The Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, comprised of leaders representing twenty-eight religious communities, mourns the killing of Muslim people at prayer in their own mosque in Egypt. The murder, horrific by any standard, is all the more tragic because it assaults a worshiping community.

As religious leaders of thousands of worshipers in the greater St. Louis area, we are concerned and disheartened by the increase in violence in centers of worship and prayer. We call upon members of our communities to pray for peace, pray for the grieving families, and work together for a world where such cruel killing ceases.

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis is a collaborative organization open to people of all religions in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our mission statement is: Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis deepens understanding, respect and appreciation among all persons across lines of religious difference. Our motto is: As communities of faith, we agree to differ, promise to love and unite to serve.

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